What Silly Horror Scene Still Managed to Destroy You as a Child?

Voodrew October 1, 2015 0
What Silly Horror Scene Still Managed to Destroy You as a Child?

We all have one.

That one little moment as a child that was 4000% times scarier in your mind than it was in the movie.
I remember 4 specific times that this has happened to me growing up, and to make things even worse, I have found they still give me a little bit of that “rumble in my midsection” when I see them as an adult.
This isn’t because I can’t recognize that they are completely silly now, but because I STILL have those child-like twangs of the sympathetic nervous system recorded in my DNA, still making me want to hide under the covers.
What are those 4 you ask? Well…

4. The Librarian in Ghostbusters

“It’s a comedy” they said. “Watch it” they said. “You’ll have fun” they said!
Well… they betrayed all 8 years of my life up to that point.
There I was, at a sleepover at a friend’s house, watching the movie with his parents and older brother.
The need to impress friends and older brothers at that age is strong, so it stung even more when I cried after watching this scene under a peek hole in the blanket. They all laughed, but I know they felt bad for me. I would too. I still feel bad for me.

3. Demons Under the Bed – The Gate

Now, this is a horror movie (albeit a cheesy one.) But… there is a scene that RUINED me as a kid. I mean that literally. My little mind was never the same.
There is a scene in the movie where the main characters summon demons in the back yard. (Like you did in the 80s, of course.)
Later on in the movie, these “demon hands” shoot out from under the bed and grab the characters feet and try to drag them under the bed.
Now… of course, to me, that meant that it is not only a possible to happen in real life, but by somehow watching the movie I had GUARANTEED for that to happen to me.
For almost 2 years after this movie, every night, I would jump about 3 feet clear of my bed whenever I would go to bed to assure that this wouldn’t happen to me.

2. The Unsolved Mysteries Theme song.

Ok, ok, ok, I get it. This isn’t “horror” …HOWEVER …it’s silly in the sense that it was supposed to be a family hour TV show for heaven’s sake.
Good God almighty, whoever approved this theme song is a sadist. When you are 9 years old and you are about to go to bed, this is the LAST song you wanted to hear. Not only was the song spooky, but Robert Stack would come out in a trench coat and use that accusatory voice of his to tell you about some kid who didn’t listen to his parents and has now been missing for 14 years.

Robert, I hate you for this, AND your stupid little song.

1. Tell ’em Large Marge Sent Ya! from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Long before I knew who Tim Burton was, I was a fan of the Pee Wee Herman.
“Hey, Pee Wee is going to have an adventure! That will be fun!” 8 year old Voodrew thought.
I remember renting this video tape one weekend and not being prepared for this scene WHATSOEVER. Things take a dark turn really fast in this movie and then this scene happens. I remember being so freaked out I couldn’t articulate into words what I had just seen, but I was upset for the next 29 years.

So let’s have it. What scenes that are silly now completely messed you up as a kid?


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