Were The Man of Steel Posters Directed by J.J. Abrams?

Voodrew May 21, 2013 0

Did the geek world become a lot brighter over the last few years? Are modern cameras not built to handle this much light?

Observe the posters for the upcoming Star Trek …urm, Man of Steel.


Ok, ok, I get it. It’s a neat effect and one poster does not a trend make.


Wait a minute…


Excuse me Mr. Zod, if we could just get you to move a little over to the left we’d get rid of this lens flare we are… no? Ok.


Well, all joking aside, Armchair Mogul has secured exclusive rights to be the first to show you the BRAND NEW poster for Man of Steel! You’ve seen it here first, folks!


We can only hope that the 3D IMAX glasses come with blue blockers.

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