International Women’s Day Top 5!

Davenpoe March 8, 2012 1

Happy International Women’s Day!

We at the Armchair offices were planning to celebrate by looking at pictures of international women all day, but after realizing we had misinterpreted a couple of things, we decided instead to post a tribute to some ladies who best represent gender equality in the world of geekdom.

Let’s start the countdown….!

5. Zoe Washburne










Fierce wife and a loving fighter – wait…other way around…! Either way, Gina Torres’ turn as Zoe on the short lived, but much loved Firefly and follow up film Serenity has earned her a devoted fanbase. And with good reason – Zoe is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, showing incredible devotion to her husband, her captain, her ship and her duty – even when they conflict.

4. Hermione Granger











Yes, Hermione. Unlike Harry, who was born to be a great wizard in prophecies and such, Hermione earned her way there. Through tireless studies and an insane work ethic, we watched her grow from bookworm to wizarding legend without gender being an obstacle or advantage. And, yes, Emma Watson killed it.

3. Sarah Conner












Obviously, Linda Hamilton’s classic role is going to be on this list. Who would have guessed that the meek and fearful human target from Terminator, could turn into the steely eyed survivor woman we saw in T2?

2. Buffy Summers










In a time when “gender equality” looked like this:











Buffy dusted vampires, fought for her friends and saved humanity, all while keeping her clothes on. And few actresses could pull off the smooth transition from wide-eyed teenager to battle hardened warrior the way Sarah Mchelle Gellar did.

1. Ellen Ripley














Ripley is a character that endures because she evolved in a primal way. She started as a virginal “final girl” in Alien, and transformed into the madonna – a furiously protective mother by the end of the nail-biting sequel Aliens. To top it off, Sigourney pulled both roles off in a way that few could have.

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    Ellen! My heroine! Quanto ti amo!

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